An expert in rare perfumes

Différentes Latitudes supports designers, perfumiers, sales outlets, and investors both up and downstream of brand creation and the productuion of perfumes.

We guide them to success at every stage of their development, including the business plan, pricing, compliance with applicable regulations, communication, marketing and distribution strategies.

A personal coach for rare brands

As an international agent, Différentes Latitudes opens the door to foreign markets for alternative perfume brands. We develop distribution strategies adapted to the distinctive identity of each brand and offer them a flagship location in Paris, in our showroom located in the heart of the Marais district.

Alternative perfume brands have highly specific distribution networks which can sometimes be difficult to find and access. Thanks to our knowledge of these sales outlets, we help niche brands quickly find their distribution network in France, Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Russia. We regularly work with more than 1,000 sales outlets worldwide in over 50 countries.

Brands which entrust their distribution strategies to us are also featured at our perfume bar, Liquides, providing them a prestigious Parisian showcase site.

A distributor of alternative brands

Since 2008, Différentes Latitudes has distributed a specialized selection of alternative perfume brands through a network of upmarket sales outlets in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Russia.

As specialists in rare perfumes, we provide sales outlets with our expertise to help them market niche brands under the best conditions. We coach them in the sale of these outstanding products and are at their side to help them reach their sales goals, from the placing of the order, delivery, restocking, marketing, and communication, to the final sale.


Différentes Latitudes helps perfume shops and sales outlets  propose a new vision of perfume. We guide them through the fascinating world of niche perfumes, helping them discover distinctive brands and supporting them with their marketing and communication needs.

Liquides, the perfume bar

A showcase for Différentes Latitudes, the Liquides perfume bar concept is the brainchild of David Frossard and designer Philippe di Méo. Behind the black facade, a brass bar area welcomes both committed enthusiasts and curious visitors for a truly unique sensory experience. At the bar, guests can listen attentively to the wealth of perfume-related information provided by an expert in rare perfumes, who takes the time to find the fragrances best suited to each individual’s personality.

Bar à parfums Liquides
9 rue de Normandie
75003 Paris
Open Tuesday to Saturday 11-8 
Saturday 11-20
Tel : 09 66 94 77 06

& Liquides @ Le Bon Marché
Le Bon Marché, 24 rue de Sèvres – 75007 Paris
Monday to Saturday 10-8

Thursday until 8:45
Sunday 11-8
Tel : 01 44 39 80 00



New : Isle of Man by Frapin, the smell of adrenaline !

“Isle of Man” is a resolutely masculine fragrance, a celebration of the fearless and intrepid for those who laugh in the face of death-defying odds. It salutes free spirits and adrenaline addicts who know that truly living means pushing boundaries. You’re never more alive than when life is on the line. Frapin’s previous creation, “The…

New : Laskarina by Frapin, a strong-willed perfume !

Frapin honours Laskarina’s memory with a perfume of character. After all, she is a truly multi-faceted muse: part wife, mother, businesswoman and adventurer. She was unfettered, fearless, and her own woman – all qualities shared by the great heroines of history and the early feminists. More than just a perfume, Laskarina is a tribute to…

Différentes Latitudes introduce you Ella K Parfums Paris !

There are journeys that take us far, that take us beyond our limits and leave a lasting sensory impression. But there are other journeys too; journeys that bring us back to the things that matter, to the things that define us. These are the journeys of self- discovery, the journeys that speak to us, that…


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