A personal coach for rare brands

As an international agent, Différentes Latitudes opens the door to foreign markets for alternative perfume brands. We develop distribution strategies adapted to the distinctive identity of each brand and offer them a flagship location in Paris, in our showroom located in the heart of the Marais district.

Alternative perfume brands have highly specific distribution networks which can sometimes be difficult to find and access. Thanks to our knowledge of these sales outlets, we help niche brands quickly find their distribution network in France, Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Russia. We regularly work with more than 1,000 sales outlets worldwide in over 50 countries.
Brands which entrust their distribution strategies to us are also featured at our perfume bar, Liquides, providing them a prestigious Parisian showcase site.

Carte différentes latitudes

An expert in rare perfumes

Liquides imaginaires

A distributor of alternative brands